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Android Apps to learn Linux Commands

Linux Reference Free:






Linux Reference Free is very good command reference app to help you learn Linux . One of the feature reached pocket reference which helps you to brush-up your Linux command knowledge.

Below are the available features in this app.

1)Test your knowledge with quiz.
2)Change the font size to read easily, either on mobile phone or tablet.
3)Internet connection not required.

You can download the above app from the below URL.

Linux Cheatsheet:
A very useful and user friendly app for Linux enthusiast. It comes with the below features.

1)Categorized and organized UI.
2)User can add their own commands.
3)User friendly.

You can download the above app from the below URL.

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How to find ports which are in use on linux server

netstat -na | grep ‘tcp\|udp’ | awk ‘{print $4}’ | cut -d: -f2 | sort | uniq -c | awk ‘{print $2}’

Please find below the description of commands used in above string — netstat command is used to check all incoming and outgoing connections from the server. We used grep command to find out the type of connection i.e. tcp or udp. We used cut command to find out the port number from IP:port string .Sort and uniq used in combination to find out  the unique port only and at last we use awk to print the unique port in use.