New features in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 comes with lots of new features that provides system administrator and developer with the resources necessary to manage systems and application in more efficiently way. While working with RHEL 7, I came across below mentioned new features. I am quite sure there are many more to be explore.

1)  RHEL now supports XFS file systems.

2) The maximum file size is 500TB in size.

3) The default firewall is firewalld instead of iptables.  This new firewall does not have to be stopped in order to change its rules.

4) NetworkManager has two new user interfaces: a command-line tool (nmcli) and a curses-based, text user interface (TUI).

5)  The runlevels are now called “targets” in RHEL7.

6) RHEL 7 communicate with Microsoft AD in more efficient way by adding couple of new features.