WAP Terminology

WAP (Wireless Access Protocol )– WAP protocols are mainly designed for optimization of data transport performance over mobile network protocols. WAP protocols are mobile network independent and works on top of different mobile networks e.g. GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA etc

WSP ( Wireless Session Protocol) is used for the WAP connection towards WAP mobile (not same as HTTP sessions). Two modes can be used through a WAP browser connection-oriented mode and connectionless mode. Connectionless mode is based directly on Wireless datagram Protocol (WDP) and has a lower overhead.

WTP — (Wireless Transaction Protocol) is a lightweight transaction protocol for connection-oriented services.

WTLS — (Wireless Transport Layer Security) handles the communication security like authentication and encryption.

WDP — ( Wireless Datagram Protocol) makes the WAP stack adaptation to the common Internet User Datagram Protocol (UDP)

WML — Wireless Markup Lamguage

WAE — Wireless Application Environment

MMS —¬†Multimedia Messaging Service alt. More Messages to Send.

OTA — (Over The Air) is a ligthweigth protocol speaking with WAP stack .

PPG — (Push Proxy Gateway)s a component of WAP Gateways that pushes URL notifications to mobile handsets

PAP — Push Access Protocol

SI — (Service Indication ) Push content/URL to users WAP enable hand sets.

GPRS —¬†General Packet Radio Service

XTML — eXtensible HyperText Markup Language